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Who We are? What We do? What is going on?

TDolphin is the group of people working togeather to bring you the high quality software for many Platforms - Operating Systems ( AmigaOS,  MorphOS, Linux, Windows, JS/HTML5,  Android).
Our software (games, utilities, tools) is Freeware.

TDolphin Members

  Rafal Zabdyr
Leader, main designer/developer/coder (AmigaOS, MorphOS, Windows, Linux, SDL, JS/HTML5, Android), graphics artist (2D), webmaster.

  Natalia Zabdyr
Game designer, tester (MorphOS, Linux, Windows).

  Dominik Zabdyr
Game designer, tester (MorphOS, Linux, Windows, Android).

  Mariusz Pytel
Developer/coder (Windows, JS), web designer.

  Boguslaw Gajewski
Tester (Windows), web designer, graphics artist (2D).

  Lukasz Zabdyr
Graphics artist (2D), web designer.

  Patryk Zabdyr
Tester (Windows).

People cooperating with TDolphin

  Grzegorz Kaplita
Tester (Windows, Linux).

  Piotr 'Wali7' Waligorski
Tester (MorphOS).

  Marcin 'Stony' Iwaniak
Tester (MorphOS).

  Arkadiusz 'Deez' Nowacki
Tester (MorphOS).

  Pawel Pajor
Graphics artist (2D)

  Hans-Jörg 'Otti' Ottinger
Tester (MorphOS), German translations

  Victor Gutierrez
Tester (MorphOS), Spanish translations


In case you want to contact us please feel free to send us a mail at:

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